The Hills

The Hills

In the second semester of my freshman year and William’s sophomore year, we shared a class: Sociology 101. One fateful day, we both decided to skip class. In most cases, a horrible decision, but in ours, it was good luck! Because we both skipped the same day, we were put in a group together for a group project. I still remember walking into the library to meet with the group and seeing William. We had never spoken in class before, but suddenly he caught my eye. We became fast friends and spent lots of time together over the next year. Almost a full year of friendship later, we went on our first date. As they say, the rest is history.

We were married October 2008 and currently live in York, where William grew up. We both work for York County and have one child, Rhodes, who will be 2 in April.
We are both so grateful for our time and education at PC, but most of all, for bringing us together!

Will ’06 and Liz Ann Hill ’07


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