The Woodwards

The Woodwards

I met Price the first week I arrived at PC. I was marching over to Bailey dorm with all the other freshmen girls wearing my sandwich sign that displayed my name and that I was from Americus, GA. Price was part of the orientation team that was helping to welcome us.

When I met him, I thought “this guy is full of energy and seems to know everyone around here; he could be a great way for me to get connected at PC.” So, when he asked me out that first week to join him for the welcome back dance, I accepted. The only problem I saw was that I kinda had a guy back home, and I, also, had accepted another PC date for the following evening. Well, it only took that one date for me to know this was my guy. Price was a rising junior when we met. We dated those 2 years and then another year as I finished up PC early to get married to Price.

Our days at PC were full of so many memories. Price was always such a fun person to be with, and we spent lots of time together at the Sigma Nu house. I was a “little sister” (there were no sororities at PC when we were there) for Sigma Nu, and he was president of Sigma Nu his senior year. We had a wonderful group of friends and built relationships those years at PC that have stood the test of time.

Price and I, along with 3 daughters, moved away to St Louis for his job 10 years after we were married. We spent 20 years in the midwest and were somewhat disconnected from PC because of the distance.  We stayed in touch with many of our PC friends through exchanging Christmas cards and Facebook. Occasionally, we would reconnect in person, and it was always such a great time to be w/ our PC friends. We always cherished the relationships and memories that were built at PC.


In Oct. 2014, we traveled back to PC for Price’s 30th anniversary. We had so much fun seeing everyone. It was amazing how much the campus had changed, and how many old friends we saw. Price and I loved being at PC that weekend. Just 3 short months later, Price suffered a massive stroke in his sleep. We were devastated. We were in the best shape of our lives and had just become empty nesters.

Somehow, our PC family heard about this tragedy. We received a special card and PC goodies while we were in the hospital in St Louis. I couldn’t believe someone at PC had taken the time to find us after we had been away for so long. We were reminded of what a special place PC is. After Price was able to leave the hospital in St Louis, we moved back south to be closer to family and continue rehabilitation at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. We have reconnected with many PC friends since we’ve been back “home.”

Price and I are forever grateful for PC and what it has meant to us over the years. We know for sure that PC folks “do life” together no matter what the circumstances may be.

Price ’84 and Tammy ’86 (Gay) Woodward