A Family Devoted

A Family Devoted


John & Ann W. White
Andrew & Cathy White Williams ’76

A family devoted to service and to one another is making a gift to Presbyterian College that will benefit generations to come. Alumna Cathy White Williams ‘76 and her parents, John White and Ann W. White, have established an endowment that will help the College secure its future – a gift made from gratitude and love.

Cathy earned her degree in business administration from PC and worked at both C&S Bank and Southern Bell. When she became a mother, she entered the business of rearing children and became an active community and church volunteer. A cancer survivor, Cathy is active in several non-profit organizations that promote and conduct cancer research.

John White is a graduate of the University of Virginia. After serving in the military, he returned home to his native Florida and earned a second engineering degree from the University of Florida. Cathy’s mom, Ann, earned her degree in music from Florida State College for Women, now Florida State University.

John began his career in telecommunications in 1946 and rose to senior executive vice president of BellSouth before retiring in 1989. He is an avid church and community leader. Ann White is a talented volunteer, serving as both church organist and choir director.

In addition to Cathy, the Whites have a son, also named John. Cathy and her husband, Andrew, have two daughters – Amelia and Meredith – and two grandchildren. They are expecting their third grandchild soon.