Embracing the PC family

Every year the PC baseball team participates in a service project at the beginning of the year. This activity parallels PC’s motto “dum vivimus servimus” or “while we live we serve.” This year, we were able to volunteer at a community garden located near PC. At the garden, people are able to take fruits and vegetables that are grown as long as they put work in the garden. We were volunteering right before the garden opened, so we cleaned debris that was around the area and cleared space for things to grow. Volunteer work is one of the many things Presbyterian baseball does in order to contribute to the community. We have done a variety of projects with local churches, elementary schools, and youth sports clubs.

The camaraderie we build daily is one of the many reasons I love PC. The excitement and joy you see on a kid’s face after playing catch with them at recess warms my heart; to know something that simple can truly make their day. PC baseball has a motto called, “servant leadership.” Whether it is on or off the field we believe if you put God first, others second and yourself third, you have done your duty to the team and help mold the community.

PC does a fantastic job of bringing different ethnicities, cultures, and personalities together to make a family like setting on campus. The small classrooms allow teachers and students to have a closer relationship with one another to help maximize your learning experience along with building friendships that last forever. Attending Presbyterian College and living in a small town like Clinton has shown me that every person here influences someone’s life in some way. The family atmosphere and great friendships I have built here during my years have taught me to cherish every moment and truly embrace the PC family.

Cletis Avery ’17