Friendship Makes the World Go Round

Friendship Makes the World Go Round

Presbyterian College is known for being a small school. Even with the comfort of a small student body, making new friends in college can be a scary thought. I had no idea as a freshman that four years later, I’d still consider the same women my best friends.

What’s more impressive than establishing friends is keeping them. Each woman pictured above is so involved on campus. From religious organizations to sororities to Division I athletic teams, we still find plenty of time to grow our friendships. At PC, our small campus is our advantage. We constantly run into friends walking from Clinton Hall to HP for class or waiting in the lunch line at GOH, giving us time to catch up and make future plans. The above photo is a result of one such plan.

PC offered a Maymester to Italy in 2015. Around 6 of my good friends and I signed up, and we toured Venice, Florence, and Rome. Before we left, we decided that 9 days was not long enough. We really missed our other two more adventurous friends living in Germany for the semester, so a few of us stayed another week to reunite with them in Positano, Italy. The day of this picture, we learned firsthand there are multiple meanings of the word “breathtaking;” the uphill hike literally took our breath away and the view took the more figurative approach. I knew as soon as we peered out over the Amalfi Sea that I would never forget that moment, the women with me, or the school that brought me there.

Two years later, I am now a senior quickly approaching graduation, and my friends and I still look fondly back on our trip to Italy. So much so, that we are planning a second go-round for this May- this time in Fiji! I am forever grateful for Presbyterian College for giving me not one, but two trips of a lifetime and of course my best friends.

Savannah Hathaway ’17