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The Epps

McNeil and I literally met at Freshman Orientation, at the country-themed Hose Down outside New Bailey Stadium in 2003. My orientation group met another group (I don’t remember but I think because our HOSE leaders were friends) and I noticed the blue-eyed boy with the huge smile. We ran into each other several more times

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The Smoaks

Amy and I (Daniel) met at PC in the spring of 1993.  I was a high school senior attending Accepted Students Day, and Amy, in her second year at PC, was the tour guide for my group.  We started dating in the fall of my freshman and her junior year.  The rest, as they say,

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The Corleys

We first met in the Fall of 2009 when Meghan arrived at PC. Meghan’s roommate her Freshman year dated one of Andrew’s good friends (and eventual roommate), so we were introduced through the two of them. Meghan maintains she didn’t like Andrew at all at first, but we found ourselves riding back from the PC

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