The Smoaks

The Smoaks

Amy and I (Daniel) met at PC in the spring of 1993.  I was a high school senior attending Accepted Students Day, and Amy, in her second year at PC, was the tour guide for my group.  We started dating in the fall of my freshman and her junior year.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Neville Hall is a special place for us: that first year, the side steps were the midway point between our dorms, so we’d meet there most evenings to talk and say goodnight.  Those side steps were the place where I proposed to her in the summer of 1996; we were married the next June.  Our wedding was a special day- we remember the many friends, professors, and administrators in attendance.  We’re told they hung around at the reception for a long time after we left!
This year, we celebrate 20 years of marriage, three children, and a treasury of good memories.  We give thanks to God for directing our paths to PC and to each other.

Daniel ’97 and Amy Smoak ’95