Rev. Dr. Marc and Marion Hill Weersing

Rev. Dr. Marc and Marion Hill Weersing

Rev. Dr. Marc and Marion Hill Weersing were awarded the titles “emeritus” and “emerita,” respectively, for their distinguished contribution of service to Presbyterian College.

Dr. Weersing, who died in 1986, was awarded the title President-Emeritus for his service as president of PC from 1963 to 1979. During this time, PC increased assets 400% and added eight buildings on campus. The size of the student body and faculty nearly doubled, and the academic program was enriched and expanded. In addition to being a time of unprecedented growth for the College, Dr. Weersing’s tenure was historical: Female students began residing on campus for the first time in PC’s history in 1965.

Mrs. Weersing, who died in 2017, was awarded the title Associate Dean Emerita of Students for her service to PC from 1964 to 1980. Mrs. Weersing was appointed PC’s first dean of women in 1964 as the College transitioned to becoming fully coeducational. Mrs. Weersing led the women’s programs and activities with style and grace. Her work earned her the Distinguished Service Award en route to being named associate dean of students.

Dr. Marc and Marion Hill Weersing served PC with distinction for a combined 33 years.

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