The Wilsons

The Wilsons

James and I met at the beginning of the spring semester of my freshman year – his sophomore year. Officially we met in Springs through a mutual friend (shout-out to Patrick Kennedy!), but I still like to say we had Chemistry together – chemistry class that is. Being the persistent man he is, James wasted no time in asking me out on a date after hanging out only a few times together. Not long after that we became a couple. Everyone loved to call us “The Wilsons” since we already shared the same last name. With both of us being Biology majors, we had lots of classes and labs together.

There were many late nights studying and doing laundry together. James helped me through Organic Chemistry, and I helped him through English class. We have so many fond memories of PC, and so many of the opportunities and experiences PC gave us brought us to where we are today.

After graduation, we both continued our education down in Charleston at MUSC – James for dental school and me for graduate school in Biomedical Sciences. James proposed in January of 2014. He created a video scavenger hunt around downtown Charleston for me – a video that included him at Springs and the very chemistry classroom at PC where we “met.” Even some of our Biology professors participated in the making of the video! It was such a great way to remember how we met and started dating. We were married later that summer. PC brought us together, gave us incredible friends and colleagues, so many opportunities, and even our cat, Bagheera, whom we found behind the restaurant Japan after Homecoming one year. Even now, PC keeps on giving. We’ve met so many people because of our connection to PC – complete strangers that we have an instant bond with because we’re part of the Blue Hose family. We’re so thankful for everything that PC has given us!

Katie ’13 and James ’12 Wilson