Bill Loeble '65

Bill Loeble ’65

Bill and Diane Loeble were named the 2020 Distinguished Members of the WPJ Society. The Loebles have faithfully supported Bill’s alma mater for a number of years.

Bill has served on PC’s Board of Trustees since 2010 and has given to library renovations, the Neville Hall renovation and other campus projects. The history wing in Neville Hall is named in honor of Bill and his wife, Diane.

During homecoming in 2018,  Bill was named the Dum Vivimus Servimus Award recipient. The honor  recognizes an alumna or alumnus who exemplifies the meaning of the College motto, “While we live, we serve.”

Loeble, who grew up 30 minutes from the University of Virginia campus, was planning to attend UVA before he visited PC with a church youth group one weekend. He knew about the College’s strong academic reputation and did a little research to see what PC had to offer him academically.

“In those days PC had a legend named Dr. Carter, Dr. Nolan Carter,” Bill said. “PC was also known for pre-med.”

He committed to PC soon after the trip and knew from the beginning he would major in chemistry. After earning a bachelor’s in chemistry, Bill went on to the University of South Carolina to earn a master’s in chemistry. He said he was prepared for graduate school.

“When I got there, every incoming graduate student had to be at a certain level of proficiency in chemistry,” Bill said. “I remember in my class about half of them had to take remedial courses to get caught up to be on the same level. And I didn’t.

“I don’t attribute that to my intelligence. I believe it was due to the fact that I was prepared by Dr. Carter and Dr. Huff and by Dr. Whitelaw in physics.”

Bill says he always used his chemistry degree in his career, even as he rose to become CEO of Beaver Manufacturing in Mansfield, GA. He enjoyed it more than his chemistry courses though.

Bill remembers taking the required four semesters of Old and New Testament when he was a student. He admits he wasn’t a Bible scholar by any means, but he thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Lewis Hays’ challenging Bible courses.

“I got so much into his courses I ended up getting the Hay Bible Award for the highest GPA,” Bill said. “That was purely and simply because I loved those courses.

“There’s something (at PC) that’s unique,” Bill added. “There are good schools all over, big and small, but there’s just something there at PC.”


In 2018, the Boy Scouts of America awarded Bill its highest honor, the Silver  Buffalo Award. The award is presented to those who are doing good for the youth of America.

Bill is proud to share the same award with other household names like Bill  Gates and Norman Rockwell, but he appreciates sharing the award with his peers in Scouting, like Terry Bramlett of Suches, GA, and Larry Coppock of Joelton, Tenn., even more.

Scouting has been a labor of love for most of Loeble’s life. He joined the  Boy Scouts when he was 11 years old and, from the beginning, enjoyed the fun and adventure that Scouting is known for: learning outdoor skills, hiking, and participating in high-adventure activities, according to Loeble.

He also enjoyed the challenge of working to become an Eagle Scout, but he wasn’t finished with Scouting when he achieved what only four percent of Boy Scouts achieve. Bill began to serve as an adult leader after he became an Eagle Scout and continued getting more involved when his son joined the Boy Scouts. Altogether, Bill has served as an adult leader for the past 55 years.


Bill continues to volunteer at the Boy Scouts national level and serves his community in Covington, GA, too. He has been active in his church, First  Presbyterian in Covington, GA, including serving as an elder and as clerk of session. Bill has also served in a number of roles with the Greater Atlanta Presbytery.

He further helps the Newton County, GA, community by serving as president of the Arts Association of Newton County, president and member of Covington Kiwanis Club, and chairman of the board of the Covington-Newton Chamber of Commerce.

The Boy Scouts was not the only organization to bestow their highest award onto Loeble. In 2013, he received the R. O. Arnold Award, the most prestigious award in Newton County for business leadership and community service. Covington-Newton Chamber of Commerce named Bill an honorary life member last year.