Meet Dr. vandenBerg

Meet PC’s 19th President,
Dr. Matthew vandenBerg

In these short videos, President vandenBerg talks about how he plans to build on PC’s foundation and why he thinks PC’s best days are ahead. And you’ll learn about Dr. vandenBerg as a family man and fitness fanatic.

Building on PC’s Foundation

Where some see challenges, Dr. vandenBerg sees opportunities. In this short video, PC’s 19th President talks about how PC can meet the challenges facing higher education and “emerge stronger than ever.”

PC’s Best Days are Ahead 

“PC is the type of college that makes the world a far better place,” Dr. vandenBerg says in this video. Watch to see why he thinks PC’s best days are ahead.

Service, Music, Fitness, & Family

PC’s 19th President is a fitness fanatic, plays the trumpet, and loves ultimate frisbee. Watch this short video to learn more about Dr. Matthew vandenBerg.

“Higher education institutions across the country are contending with significant headwinds. However, with a shared sense of purpose, a creative spirit, and sustained focus, PC can emerge stronger than ever and build a tremendous foundation for the next 140 years.”

– Dr. Matthew vandenBerg

Quotes about Dr. vandenBerg

“Dr. vandenBerg embraces the Christian faith and is a lifelong member of the PC (USA). He sought a presidency at a church-related liberal arts college, and specifically PC, as our mission of developing well-rounded students is a driving force for him.”

E. G. Lassiter ’69

chair of PC’s Board of Trustees

“My primary concern as chair of the search committee was to find the person who has working knowledge and sufficient grasp of all of the challenges facing higher education and has the ability to communicate and lead strategies that will address those that are most urgent for Presbyterian College.

“That person would need to be able to develop and nurture effective relationships with all of the constituencies that make up the PC family. High on the list of priorities were student enrollment, fundraising, shared governance within the institution, and emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

“Drawing on his experience and inspiring leadership style, Dr. vandenBerg demonstrates the ability and desire to quickly address those concerns.”

Dr. Holbrook Raynal ’70

chair of the presidential search committee, member of PC’s Board of Trustees

“Dr. vandenBerg brings a track record of success as well as an energy and dynamism that I believe will serve PC well. In this challenging and changing time for higher education, his experience working at similar institutions and his openness to innovative ideas is exciting and promises a bright future.

“I anticipate that faculty and the president will work together to continue improving the academic experience at PC.”

Dr. Michael Nelson

PC history professor, presidential search committee member, and chair of the Faculty Senate at PC