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Baseball Facility

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Templeton Physical Education Center Gymnasium

The Championship Spirit

Building on a Proud Legacy

The proud legacy of Blue Hose Athletics is 109 years in the making. Davison M. Douglas, president of PC from 1911 to 1926, established PC’s first athletic program, a football team, in 1913. He believed in the value of physical activity as an integral part of the educational process. PC’s student-athletes have competed with integrity and a championship spirit ever since. Today’s Blue Hose comprise more than 40% of the student body. Many students choose PC for the opportunity to gain a coveted faith-based liberal arts education while playing the sport they love at the Division I level. It takes more than raw talent of individual athletes to achieve a record of accomplishment. Top-notch training facilities are among the ingredients essential for peak performance. Champions are made in the off-season, and our training facilities must match our desire to compete at the highest level.

“PC’s championship spirit is booming. It’s here to stay. And it resides in each of us.”

-Dr. Matthew vandenBerg

President, Presbyterian College

Softball Facility

The rich history of the Blue Hose softball program dates back to 1998. Our student-athletes have competed on the field adjacent to the Baseball Complex for nearly a quarter century. The time has come for the softball players, coaches, and fans to have their own dedicated softball facility.

The current facility lacks many of the features found at Division I venues:
– Coaches’ offices, locker rooms, and storage areas are not close to the field.
– Since the field does not have lights, the practice schedule and game times are limited to daytime hours.
– Current seating for fans is insufficient and does not meet requirements for post-season competitions.

New seating and a press box will provide fans with a more positive experience and allow PC to host post-season competitions.

Lights will provide greater opportunities to schedule practice and game times. Fans can cheer on their favorite Blue Hose after work hours if evening games could be scheduled. Locating locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and restrooms in the new softball field house will optimize practice time for coaches and players.

Check out the excitement as the Blue Hose softball team see their new facility!

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Baseball Facility

Baseball Athletic Facility Rendering

The Blue Hose baseball program will build on the momentum of the newly installed field lights by adding a facility with:
-A new press box
-Additional upgrades to enhance player and fan experiences

The new baseball field house will provide programmatic spaces including coaches’ offices, a locker room, and an area dedicated to sports medicine. It will also include much-needed restrooms and a concession area.

New stands will provide excellent views from an elevated vantage point. A new press box will allow for greater fan experiences and provide a Division I atmosphere.

Check out the baseball locker room reveal!

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Watch our video to learn more about this exciting initiative.

Multipurpose Athletic Facility

PC’s newest athletic teams–Men’s and Women’s Wrestling, Acrobatics and Tumbling, and Competitive Cheer–have been practicing in off-campus facilities since the teams were added four years ago. But these off-campus facilities are not equipped for Division 1 training.

Providing our student-athletes with a much-needed practice facility would help them more efficiently manage their time on the field and in the classroom. A multipurpose athletic facility will eliminate the need for student-athletes to travel to and from off-campus facilities. Plus, the facility will serve as an engaging and compelling space for all members of the campus community to interact, collaborate, and build community.

The multipurpose athletic facility will be located adjacent to the Templeton Physical Education Center and the Kemper D. Lake, M.D. Sports Medicine Center. It will house the coaches’ offices, locker rooms and training facilities for the newest athletic teams.

The multipurpose athletic facility will not only impact the 140 student-athletes on PC’s newest teams, but it will greatly enhance the collegiate experience of all students by providing additional space on campus to train, socialize, and collaborate.

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Templeton Physical Education Center Gymnasium

The Templeton Center Gymnasium is more than a home to Blue Hose Athletics. Templeton often hosts programs for student organizations and student orientation events, and it is the preferred venue for commencement exercises during inclement weather.

The Templeton gym was built in 1975 but has seen minimal upgrades over the past 45 years. The long-overdue improvements to the Gymnasium include:
– New bleachers
– Video boards
– Installation of an HVAC system

Templeton has served as the home court for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, and Volleyball teams for years. It’s also where the newest Blue Hose Acrobatics and Tumbling, Competitive Cheer, and Men’s and Women’s Wrestling teams compete.

As the Blue Hose teams continue to excel and Athletics continues to expand programming, we must make these much-needed upgrades a priority.

Athletic Facilities Project

Athletics Facilities Steering Committee

Ted H. Pitts ’94
Gayla Marshall Smith ’85
& Steven M. Smith ’84
Mary Irwin Spearman ’84 &
A. Brad Spearman ’85
Deno White

Ted H. Pitts ’94
Gayla Marshall Smith ’85
& Steven M. Smith ’84
Mary Irwin Spearman ’84 &
A. Brad Spearman ’85
Deno White

Thomas E. Free ’91
Justin A. Bethel ’12
Honorary Chairman
Jeremy Boczulak
Willie Cooper ’81
Steve M. Crowe ’73