Students Learn About Networking from Recent Grads

Students Learn About Networking from Recent Grads

Wealth management professionals Rob Coleman ’11 and Kat Leitner ’11 regularly return to campus to help students with goal-setting and networking skills they’ll need as young professionals.

They returned this semester for the Society for the Advancement of Management Lecture Series.

The duo has “successfully … made a science” out of goal-setting and networking, said Dr. Suzie Smith, PC professor of economics and business administration.

Networking is “not as daunting as it seems”

Coleman and Leitner gave tips about social and event networking. Students also learned about finding their network, which could include family, friends, professors and PC alumni.

“It’s been seven years since we’ve been in your seats,” Leitner said. “Time flies after graduation. One thing that stays true is that PC will always be in your life. Use it.”

When they were recent graduates, Coleman and Leitner learned how other professionals could help them along in their career paths.

Coleman’s internship after PC led to his full-time profession. He is a wealth management advisor at Foster Victor Wealth Advisors in Greenville, S.C.

Leitner’s first job as a wedding planner in Charleston came after connecting with a PC alum. She is now chief operations officer at Apollon Wealth Management LLC in Charleston, S.C.

They advised students to connect with PC alumni, too. They also pointed out to students that they’re likely networking every day, even during small interactions like asking for shopping recommendations.

“It’s not as daunting as it seems,” Coleman said.

More Than Shaking Hands

Coleman urged students to avoid becoming “professional networkers” by busying themselves and shaking hands. Job seekers usually don’t find opportunities that way, he said.

“I would go networking with a purpose,” Coleman said. “It takes your initiative to reach out … Don’t just stop at the handshake. You’ve got to finish the play. I think a lot of people mess up networking by not finishing the play.”

Coleman and Leitner stressed the importance of perfecting an elevator pitch, or networking speech. The two also provided advice about social networking and how to wisely use social media.

Prepare for a Business Career

Rob Coleman and Kat Leitner both earned degrees in business administration from PC.

Check out the Economics and Business Administration Department to see how PC can prepare you for the world of business.