“I have at last set my heart on a plan; it is nothing more nor less than the establishment of a college at Clinton. It will take a vast outlay of time and money but it can be done and, God willing, it shall be done.”

— William Plumer Jacobs, Journal Entry 1874

Philanthropic support for Presbyterian College is still a critical component to keeping PC competitive in the 21st century and beyond. For PC to remain a top liberal arts college and School of Pharmacy, we must secure support from those who believe in our ability to educate students who will lead lives of leadership, success, and service – the very essence of “The PC Spirit.” Every gift to Presbyterian College makes a difference in the lives of our students, staff, and faculty.

Your generous support is essential to “The PC Spirit” and helps us attract intelligent, community- and service-oriented students, recruit and retain outstanding faculty and strengthen our campus facilities.

Neville Renewed & Reopened

We did it! Neville Hall, the most endeared building on the PC campus, has been restored.

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