Students Awarded Competitive Graduate School Scholarships

Students Awarded Competitive Graduate School Scholarships

Two graduating seniors have been awarded highly competitive scholarships on their way to graduate school. Both students are biology majors.

Kristin Miller received the Bardsley Scholarship from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Justin Davidson received the Fullerton Scholarship from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine.

“PC has prepared me by providing different leadership opportunities,” Davidson said. “The rigorous course work also prepared me for the MCAT and medical school itself.”

Miller says that becoming a veterinarian is her “life’s calling” and also feels prepared for veterinary school.

“The research I have performed at PC has given me the tools necessary to perform research in a graduate-level research lab,” Miller said.

Miller has already looked ahead to the classes she’ll take in her first two years at Mississippi State. She said the immunology, anatomy and physiology courses she took at PC are three of many that make her feel confident as she gets ready for veterinary school.

“I have already been given a sturdy foundation with these three classes at PC,” Miller said. “The rigor of PC’s classes has helped me learn how to manage my time and will make the transition into vet school smoother.”

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