Interns Rewarded for their Initiative

Interns Rewarded for their Initiative

Because she interned in an ER, Natalie Barnett couldn’t be so involved that she provided care to patients. There are laws against what medical interns can do.

But that didn’t stop her from making the most of the opportunity to learn all she could about emergency medicine. For her efforts, Barnett was one of eleven PC students to be named 2018-2019 Outstanding Interns.

“Each year, our applicants for medical, physician assistant, physical therapy, or other professional programs must document the hours they spend in clinical settings,” Lynn Downie, assistant director of career development and professional development, said.

“But everyone provides documented hours. Being an outstanding intern takes more.

“This is someone who has asked the right questions and been supportive of the medical team through any help they can legally provide, someone who didn’t stand around the periphery in a disconnected manner.”

Showing a Genuine Interest

Barnett interned in the emergency department at the Laurens County Memorial Hospital in Laurens, S.C. Barnett was always under the watchful eye of Aubrey Rodriquez, the lead APP at the hospital.

“She asked questions when appropriate, she listened intently, and most importantly she studied on her own” Rodriguez said. “Because I knew she was genuinely interested in emergency medicine I would make sure she was in the position to learn or see something ‘cool’ or new, even if it was not my patient.”

Barnett paid close attention when Rodriguez sutured a complicated laceration and worked with all of her patients.

“She was always involved in my patient care,” Rodriguez said.

The Value of Internships

Downie says that students can create positive relationships with professionals during internships. These professionals can become mentors or can provide letters of recommendation for applications for careers or graduate schools.

Even more, Outstanding Interns submit deep, reflective written work as part of their internships.

“The interns work hard, and they analyze their work for personal growth,” Downie said. “To sum up their internships, they write deep, thoughtful essays on topics related to personal exploration of professional goals.”

Like Barnett, all of this year’s Outstanding Interns recognized the outside-the-classroom experience as a time to learn and grow. This year’s Outstanding Interns include:

  • Matthew Abney, of Aiken, S.C.
  • Harris Banks, of Piedmont, S.C.
  • Natalie Barnett, of Mint Hill, N.C.
  • Courtney Berry, of Union, S.C.
  • DeMaine Cunningham, of Columbia, S.C.
  • Cam Parker, of Elgin, S.C.
  • Collin McKinnon, of Irmo, S.C.
  • Paul Peart, of Summerville, S.C.
  • Jackson Dean, of Charlotte, N.C.
  • Jarvernique Tinsley, of Columbia, S.C.
  • Michael Varga, of Ashford, Conn.

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