PC, Abney scholars thank Abney Foundation

PC, Abney scholars thank Abney Foundation

Abney Foundation 2019 | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC

PC recently hosted a reception for the College’s 18 Abney Foundation scholarship recipients. The event, held in Wilkinson Lounge on the PC campus Tuesday, Oct. 8, recognized the foundation’s contributions and its impact on students.

Abney scholars spoke with the foundation’s Executive Director Dr. Lisa McWherter and Executive Director Emeritus Carl Edwards and were given lapel pins during the reception.

“Presbyterian College recruits and nurtures amazing students with bright futures,” McWherter said. “Carl and I were delighted to meet some of the scholarship recipients and learn more about their professional goals.”

As the executives handed out the pins, they shared with students, “know someone cares about you and wants to invest in you and believes in you.”

Junior business administration major Jonathan Esposito said engaging with those contributing to his education was significant.

“It means a lot putting a face to the name, the organization that is investing in you financially and emotionally and trying to help you pursue your goals — whatever they are — whether it’s while you’re here on campus or once you leave,” Esposito said.

The Abney Foundation, established in 1957 by Susie Mathews Abney, is a private foundation located in Anderson, S.C.

The organization’s mission is “to aid organizations that are operated exclusively for educational, religious, charitable, scientific purposes,” according to its website. Its highest priority is placed on higher education.