Pharmacists are an increasingly significant part of the wellness movement through counseling and preventive medicine.

Most people visit their pharmacist more often than they see their doctor, and communities depend upon their pharmacist as a reliable source of quality health care information. One of the greatest advantages of a pharmacy degree is the diverse range of career opportunities available to you.

Pharmacists complete three levels of education: high school, pre-pharmacy coursework in college, and four years of pharmacy school leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD). Students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy can complete all aspects of pre-pharmacy and pharmacy school at Presbyterian College. We understand that students often realize that they want to be pharmacists at different points in their lives and educations. That’s why Presbyterian College offers three different ways for you to prepare for pharmacy school.

Traditional Pre-Pharmacy Path

The traditional pre-pharmacy path offers the most flexibility, allowing students to complete their pre-pharmacy coursework in just two or three years or with further study, to earn a bachelor’s degree. During the last year of pre-pharmacy coursework, students apply to pharmacy school via the national Pharmacy College Application Service.

  • This option allows you to investigate careers during college and gives you flexibility to schedule your classes or gives you options to take more electives.
  • Guaranteed interview with a GPA of 2.75 or better
  • The PCAT is no longer required.

Degree Plus Pre-Pharmacy Path

The Degree Plus Pre-Pharmacy Program combines pre-pharmacy courses with requirements for either a biology degree or chemistry degree at PC. Upon completion of three years pre-pharmacy and the four-year professional program, students earn both a BS in either biology or chemistry and a PharmD in seven years.

  • This option allows you to earn a B.S. degree prior to entering into the Pharmacy program.
  • Earn both a B.S. and PharmD in seven years
  • Guaranteed interview with GPA of 2.75 or better
  • The PCAT is no longer required.

Early Entry Pre-Pharmacy Path

Exceptional high school seniors who aspire to the pharmacy profession may apply to the Early Entry PrePharmacy Program at PC.  To apply, seniors must first be accepted as undergraduates at PC. They should then apply directly to and interview with the School of Pharmacy during their senior year of high school via

Accepted students complete a rigorous two-year curriculum at PC, including coursework, professional exploration, and service in the community. Students who complete the undergraduate program with a satisfactory GPA and successfully complete a criminal background check and drug screen will seamlessly transition into pharmacy school after two years.

  • This option is for a high school senior who has investigated pharmacy careers and is determined to pursue a career in pharmacy.
  • Earn a PharmD in six years
  • Seat reserved in the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy
  • PCAT not required

Need help deciding which option is best for you?

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