Our Mission

The PC English department aspires to teach the general college student and students who major or minor in English how to communicate effectively in both speech and writing; to think critically and independently; to conduct and integrate research into their writing; to appreciate anglophone literature and texts in all their diversity; and to have an awareness of non-Western literary and textual traditions. 

The English curriculum at PC is flexible in its design as it blends an emphasis in traditional literature with innovations in cultural theory, media studies, gender studies, and communication studies.

You can take courses in the classics, like Shakespeare, African-American literature, and the works of Jane Austen. We offer courses in contemporary areas like Postcolonial Literature, Southern Women’s Writing, and the Modern Novel. We offer film studies courses, creative writing workshops, and classes in literary theory or popular culture. English department faculty direct a number of interdisciplinary minors and concentrations, including Media Studies, Southern Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Communication Studies.

English majors who wish to do so may concentrate in Creative Writing, English Education, or Communication Studies.

English Major & Minor Information & Requirements

The English department provides courses essential to four English major options:

The English department offers interdisciplinary collaboration to provide courses essential to five minor options:

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