Student Media

PC offers many opportunities for students to participate in student media. There are four main student-run media outlets on campus:

  • The BlueStocking — student newspaper
  • Figs & Thistles — literary arts journal
  • WPCX — college radio station
  • BlueTube — digital video channel

Figs & Thistles is Presbyterian College’s annual literary arts journal

Figs & Thistles is the annual literary arts journal at PC and has printed original work by PC students every year since 1967. Any form of creative writing is eligible for submission. If you flip through an issue of Figs & Thistles, you’ll find poems, short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, and sketches and drawings. You are encouraged to submit creative work to the publication if you’re a PC student.

If you want to join the Figs & Thistles staff, positions typically include editor-in-chief and layout editor.

Figs & Thistles is on the web and Instagram.

Learn more here.

The Bluestocking, the student newspaper

The BlueStocking has been a part of the PC campus since 1919. Originally a print publication only, the student newspaper now has a vibrant web presence, appearing in print occasionally throughout the year. Our goal at The BlueStocking is to serve as a platform for the PC community to find relevant and interesting information, entertainment, and discussion. 

If you’re interested in being a part of The BlueStocking, you will find a position suited for you. Staff positions include:

  • Editor-in-chief
  • Staff Editor
  • Business Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media Director
  • Staff Writer
  • Photographer

If you’re a PC student, you can also get paid to write for the student newspaper.

The BlueStocking is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

BlueTube, the student-run YouTube channel

BlueTube is one of PC’s newest student media outlets. It showcases the PC experience on its YouTube channel. Short videos often feature depictions of campus life, reviews, cooking advice, podcasts, and much more. For more information, check out “What is BlueTube?”

Students who love making videos or who are eager to learn how are great candidates for BlueTube. If you want to be part of the BlueTube staff, positions include:

  • Video Editor
  • Videographer
  • Actor
  • Podcaster
  • Director

You can get paid to submit videos to be posted to BlueTube if you’re a PC student. For more information about BlueTube, please email Dr. Stefan Wiecki.

BlueTube is on Instagram.

WPCX, the College radio station

WPCX is PC’s college radio station that has been a part of campus life since 1996. The broadcasting booth is located in the Media Center on the first floor of Thomason Library. You can listen to WPCX on FM radio at 97.1 in Clinton, SC, or get the WPCX mobile app (Apple / Google).

Student deejays are paid hourly to play music of their choice and host talk shows. You can hear play-by-play broadcasts for PC men’s football and basketball games, and the regular rotation features student-produced podcast episodes from the English department’s podcasting course. 

If you want to join the WPCX team, staff positions include:

  • Station manager
  • Content Host
  • Social Media Coordinator

WPCX is on Instagram and YouTube. Visit the official WPCX website.

Develop Career-ready Competencies

When you work in student media, you do more than create content for the campus community. You develop valuable skills in communication, leadership, time management, and technology that today’s employers are looking for. With funds from the Russell Endowment for Student Media, PC students are paid for working in student media.

Learn More

To find out how to work in student media, email Dr. Justin Brent, Russell Endowment Director and Professor of English. Get Involved includes more ways for you to get involved on campus.