Traditions & Mission

The compelling purpose of Presbyterian College, as a church-related college, is to develop within the framework of Christian faith the mental, physical, moral, and spiritual capacities of each student in preparation for a lifetime of personal and vocational fulfillment and responsible contribution to our democratic society and the world community.

These goals guide the College in its attempt to fulfill its mission:

• To help students gain a basic knowledge of humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences; a special competence in one or more particular areas of study; and an ability to see these studies as part of the larger search for truth

• To develop in students the ability to think clearly and independently, to make critical judgments, and to communicate effectively in both speech and writing

• To foster in students an aesthetic appreciation of the arts and literature

• To acquaint students with the teachings and values of the Christian faith

• To help students develop moral and ethical commitments, including service to others

• To help students attain a sense of dignity, self-worth, and appreciation of other persons of diverse backgrounds

• To encourage in students an appreciation for teamwork and for physical fitness and athletic skills that will contribute to lifelong health

• To foster in students an appreciation of, and concern for, the environment and natural resources