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The 1880 Student Referral Program

An $1,880 Scholarship given to a future Blue Hose (9th-12th grade high school student) in your name each year for up to 4 years of their undergraduate study at Presbyterian College.

This scholarship is given in YOUR name as the referrer, and if the student is accepted, the amount of $1,880 will be added to their financial aid package listing your name under this scholarship each year. You are directly impacting a future Blue Hose student and making a college degree more affordable. So what are you waiting for? Refer a Blue Hose today!

Quick Facts about the 1880 Student Referral Program

  1. What is the 1880 student referral program?
    The 1880 Student Referral Program allows anyone, and we mean anyone, to refer a current high school student to Presbyterian College through this initiative and if accepted, they receive a $1,880 scholarship in your name each year for up to four years of undergraduate study at PC.
  2. Who can be the referrer?
    In short, anyone can be a referrer to the 1880 Student Referral Program. The referrer can be an alum, a friend of the college, a current student, a past parent, current parent, a mentor, a high school consoler, a church member, coach, family friend, a neighbor, PC professor, or staff member, and so on and so forth. It truly can be anyone!
  3. Who can be the referee?
    The referee can be any aged high school student! The student can be a senior, junior, sophomore, and even a freshman.
  4. How to refer?
    You can refer by simply going to the 1880 Student Referral Website and filling out the Refer a Blue Hose form. You will need the referee’s name, class year, and contact information in the form of a phone number and email address.
  5. When can I refer and when is the deadline?
    You can refer a high school student of any year anytime before they are accepted into Presbyterian College. The earlier the better! Once they are officially accepted, they cannot be eligible to receive the 1880 scholarship.
  6. Why is the number award $1,880 each year?
    This scholarship amount honors the year that Presbyterian College was founded by the Reverend William Plumer Jacobs.
  7. Is this scholarship really awarded to the student in referrer’s name?
    It absolutely is! When the referrer completes the submission form, it will ask you to list how you would like the scholarship to be named if your referee is accepted into Presbyterian College. You will absolutely be making a difference and helping a student attend PC. So who is going to be the first student to receive a scholarship in your name? Or the second student, third student, and so on and so forth?
Headshot of Emma Blakely with Fritz Whittemore

Fritz Whittemore Scholarship

Emma Blakely ’26 earns first Fritz Whittemore Scholarship courtesy of PC’s new 1880 Referral Scholarship Program.
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Emma Blakely ’26 & Fritz Whittemore ’03

*Your referral and recommendation will be given full consideration. But please note that your referral does not guarantee a student will be admitted to PC. All applicants must meet the academic and personal standards required for admission by Presbyterian College.

The Presbyterian College Referral Scholarship cannot be combined with the Legacy Scholarship or the Emerging Church Leader Scholarship. To remain compliant with NCAA regulations, the scholarship awarded is in no way related to athletics ability or potential involvement in PC Athletic programs, as stated in the NCAA Division I Manual.