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Thank you for all you do to help students continue their education! Below are several resources to assist you in educating your students on the opportunities in store for them at Presbyterian College.


Prospective students can catch a glimpse of what campus life is like with several virtual and in-person visit options.

If you need more information, please email the Office of Admissions or call us at 800-960-7583.


High School diploma is required.

Presbyterian College recommends applicants for freshman admission complete the following high school courses.

English – 4 units

These should be college preparatory English courses (English I, II, III, and IV).

Mathematics – 4 units

These include Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

Laboratory Science – 2 or more units

Two credits must be selected from Biology I, Chemistry I or Physics I. Physical Science does not typically count as a lab science.

Foreign Language – 2 or more units

All credits must be earned in the same language. Three credits are recommended.

Social Sciences – 2 or more units

American History is required. A half-credit of government and a half-credit of economics are also recommended.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take honors, dual credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses whenever possible.

Submitting Documents

You may submit your official high school transcript electronically through electronic transcript services such as Parchment or Common App. You can also mail in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Presbyterian College
503 South Broad Street
Clinton, South Carolina 29325


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All the benefits of a small, private liberal arts institution at the cost of a large flagship public school.

In fact, Presbyterian College offers $24 million in scholarships and aid and nearly 97 percent of students receive financial aid to offset tuition costs. Contact us today to see how we can help you invest in your future.


Do you know an exceptionally bright student who is destined for greatness? We are excited to meet the next generation of PC students and ask that you nominate these juniors for the $20,000 PC Fellows Scholarship today.


Do you know a student who would make an exceptional Blue Hose? Refer the student to PC, and the student will automatically be considered for the 1880 Student Referral Scholarship. The scholarship provides $1880 per year for four years ($7,520 in total) in the name of the individual referring them to PC.


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Below are some of the most common questions we hear from high school and community college counselors.

For any other questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 864-808-1880 or email us at

What are the important dates my students should keep in mind?

August 1 – Application Start Date
October 1 – Students can begin filling out their FAFSA
December 1 – Early Action deadline for students to submit their applications to PC.
Students who apply by the Early Action deadline will know by December 15 if they have been accepted.
February 1 – Regular Decision deadline for students to submit their applications to PC.
Students who apply by the Regular Decision deadline will know by March 1 if they’ve been accepted
March 1 – Deadline for students applying for the Early Entry Pre-Pharmacy Program.
May 1 – National College Decision Day, an exciting time for high school students to let everyone know where they’re going to college.
June 15 – Rolling Decision deadline.
While most students decide on a college by May 1, we realize how important it is for students to take their time to make the right decision for them. We review and make admission decisions on applications received in the summer as they are submitted.

How can students apply to PC?

We ask students to do three things to apply:

  • Submit a PC Application or the Common App
  • Provide a copy of your high school transcript
  • Submit short answer questions:
    1. What motivates you?
    2. If we were to mention your name to ten people with whom you are associated, what would they tell us about you? In other words, what is your reputation?
    3. How do you think Presbyterian College will help you reach your long-term goals?

These two items are recommended:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume

These two items are optional:

  • An official copy of your standardized test scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Personal statement

Please email any of the recommended items to

Is there an application fee?

There is never a fee to apply to PC.

Is there a benefit to paying the enrollment deposit early?

Because of finite funding for available scholarships, students who pay the enrollment deposit early could receive more financial aid than those who pay the deposit later. Additionally, the earlier students pay the deposit, the earlier they can prepare for the next steps of their PC journey, including registering for classes and finding a roommate.

Can students visit campus?

Students are welcome to come and tour the campus. To schedule your visit, head to

When should students apply for financial aid?

Students can begin submitting the FAFSA on October 1st for the following academic year. The earlier student’s apply for aid, the better.

Are students required to take the SAT or ACT?

Students are not required to take any standardized tests. If you do take the tests, you’ll be asked to submit your scores during the application process. Our code is 5540.

How do students apply for scholarships?

Students automatically qualify for PC scholarships and state aid programs (South Carolina Tuition Grant and the Pell Grant) when they submit their FAFSA. Students can also apply for private scholarships. See our Affordability page for more information about scholarships and financial aid.

How many students receive financial aid?

100% of our 2022 incoming class received financial assistance, including scholarships, non-repayable grants, educational loans, and part-time work-study.

What are your admission standards?

At the core of Presbyterian College’s mission lies a belief in the power of the liberal arts and the development of students’ mind, body, and soul. We take a holistic approach when reviewing applicants instead of focusing solely on a student’s ACT or SAT scores or overall GPA.

What majors do you offer?

For a full list of available programs, please visit our Majors, Minors, and Programs page.

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