Major in Psychology

Students majoring in psychology are required to complete 40 hours, including

  • PSYC 201, 205, 307, 316, and 440;
  • STAT 320;
  • three hours selected from PSYC 212, 213, or 214;
  • three hours selected from PSYC 301, PSYC 310, or PSYC/SOC 312;
  • four hours chosen from PSYC 318, 403, 406, or 407;
  • and 12 additional hours in PSYC electives.

In addition, PSYC 444 and 448 are highly recommended for students who qualify.

The advisor will work closely with the student to plan a program consistent with career intentions. Several examples to consider are: Psychology, Student Services, Social Work, Speech Pathology, Public Relations and Advertising, Counseling, and Human Resources.

Minor in Psychology

The minor in psychology consists of 18 hours, including PSYC 201 and 15 hours of PSYC electives taught at or above the 200-level. STAT 320 is not required but may count as one of the elective courses.