Our Pre-Health Science Program provides students a comprehensive pre-professional academic foundation to set them apart.

Our Pre-Health Science students are prepared for admission to a variety of health science professional schools through curriculum advising, ability tracking, internships, medical school tours, seminars, and entrance test preparation (such as the MCAT and DAT). The program is tailored to the specific pre-health science student’s needs and assisting them as they continue their education. The program is administered by the Health Science Advisory Committee comprised of faculty members from the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics departments.

Pre-Allied Health Sciences
Students interested in careers in allied health professions often spend two or three years at PC and then transfer to a medical university or other professional schools to complete the training in such fields as nursing, radiologic technology, physical therapy, and medical technology.
Pre-Dental & Pre-Medical
Students interested in the medical and dental field must follow a rigorous schedule to qualify for admissions into medical/dental schools or programs. Most students will need to be prepared for post-graduate admissions tests during their junior year at PC. Our interested students are encouraged to consult with the pre-medical/pre-dental advisor as early as possible.
Students interested in Pharmacy can take courses necessary for admission to a pharmacy school. Pharmacy schools have varying requirements for admission; our advisors work with our students to determine the best route and the appropriate schedule of courses to stay on track.
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Students interested in entering a veterinary medicine program will be assigned an advisor who will help them arrange their courses at the College to fulfill the specific requirements of the veterinary medicine school of their choice.

Why choose Presbyterian College’s Pre-Health Science Program?

Students have access to each of Presbyterian College’s Pre-Health Science advisors. These advisors are eager to assist students in course selection or offer advice about improving the chances of entering a health profession school. This personal attention allows students to take every advantage in preparing for admission to a health science program.

Our students have proven up to the challenge. We are one of the most respected institutions among the regional medical schools. Each year, our name appears beside other nationally-recognized schools. Health science school representatives praise our alumni for being among the most well-prepared of their medical school students.

If you have other questions about the program, please contact email Dr. Austin Shull at ayshull@presby.edu or call 1-800-476-7272.