Chemistry Presbyterian College

Great teachers. Great classmates. Classrooms, labs, and research opportunities that cross departments and countries, career fields, and graduate schools. That is what you will find in chemistry at PC.

The Chemistry Department offers classes that are small. Working with faculty mentors, you’ll find a dynamic curriculum with core courses in general, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry and advanced study in fields such as spectroscopy, advanced organic, advanced inorganic, and biochemistry.

You can pursue research opportunities, work within a curriculum of core and elective courses, and customize a program of study to meet your specific needs.

You’ll have the opportunity to join the American Chemical Society student affiliate chapter and meet with chemistry, biology, and physics students and faculty to discuss new ideas and techniques that cross the fields of science.

As one chemistry professor remarked, PC chemistry majors use instruments here they are not able to use in a large university undergraduate setting. That means better preparation for graduate school and, ultimately, your career.

Study Off Campus

The chemistry department offers several special programs for its majors. You are encouraged to engage in off-campus programs to gain as much first-hand experience in your field of interest as possible.

Travel and Study

Both study abroad and Maymester opportunities are available to chemistry majors, as are numerous research and internship opportunities.The chemistry major offers a dynamic curriculum with an emphasis on hands-on experiential learning.

Chemistry majors are required to complete two semesters of each of the following courses: general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry as well as two electives within the fields of spectroscopy, advanced organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, forensic science, chemistry and art, and biochemistry.  In addition, all majors will develop and carry out their own research project.  Along the way, students will gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the workplace and in the pursuit of an advanced degree.

Use Chemistry and Biochemistry to explore the world around you.

Have you ever wondered how molecules do what they do?

Have you ever wondered how biology works at the molecular level?

Were you the kid that mixed things together just to see what it would do?

The study of chemistry and biochemistry can open doors to a variety of exciting and challenging careers. Whether you are interested in energy, transportation, public health, the environment, materials, or manufacturing, a PC chemistry degree gets you ready to go places in a variety of ways to help you plan and meet your goals.