Professor conducts the orchestra

Clinton, SC.—What a place to find a vibrant, energetic, and thriving musical community! But here we are!

Perhaps you are a musician looking for a college home.  Perhaps you want to major in science and prepare for some area of health care – and be involved in music; perhaps you want to prepare for a life in business, education, or ministry -and be involved in music; perhaps you even want to major in music – by itself or as a double-major with another one of PC’s many interesting and challenging majors.

Music Scholarship

Are you a high school senior and interested in pursuing music in college? Music scholarships are available for both majors and non-majors. Begin the application process now for the Department of Music scholarship!

Look no further. PC is your place.

Interested in visiting our campus? Contact Admissions to set up a tour at Contact the Department of Music directly at 864.833.8470 or email us anytime for more information.

PC is a place where students find their inner musician.

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