Scholarship Information

The PC Department of Music and Office of Financial Aid offers opportunities for students with an interest in music participation to audition for a General Scholarship in Music during the spring of their senior year in high school. Prospective students are encouraged to schedule an audition for any of the scholarship audition days observed by the Department of Music in January and February 2014. Prospective majors, minors, and ensemble students are all eligible for General Scholarships in Music.

Music students should plan to complete an audition by Saturday, February 22, 2014.  Students auditioning after that date cannot be guaranteed consideration for music scholarship.  A few exceptions are observed – especially for prospective students whose college applications and/or financial aid packages have not been finalized by the end of February.

The amounts of individual scholarships are relative to:

  1. Talent demonstrated;
  2. Musical experience;
  3. Level of desire to be involved in departmental opportunities; and
  4. A demonstrated desire to learn and improve.

Awards are always prepared in cooperation with the Director of Office of Financial Aid.

Fuqua Music Scholarships:

Initiated with a gift to the college from Ms. Dorothy C. Fuqua in 1999, the purpose of the scholarships are to support academically and musically gifted students who intend to major in music at PC.  All prospective music or music education majors are considered for the award if they audition.

(Aid awards based upon academic merit and granted by Presbyterian College or the state of South Carolina must be applied to tuition. A student receiving the Life or Palmetto Scholarship from S.C., an academic award from PC, and a Fuqua Scholarship will have an aid package that includes all of these different awards in the final amount.)

Information Concerning All PC Music Scholarships

  1. There is an application form for all PC music auditions – PDF form: MusicScholApplication13-14.
  2. This form also contains a list of all audition days and guidelines for repertoire selection.
  3. Students must have applied to the College for admission prior to performing an audition.
  4. Students must have been accepted by the College for admission prior to accepting a scholarship award.
  5. Filing your FAFSA as early as possible is critical.  Unless you file a FAFSA or tell the Financial Aid Office at PC that you do not intend to file a FAFSA, your PC awards (including music) may be significantly delayed.


  1. Schedule your audition as far in advance as is possible.
  2. Accompanists are available for all auditions on request. Rehearsal with a PC accompanist would be limited.
  3. If you are on campus for a visit and wish to schedule an audition, contact the Music Office or work with your admissions counselor to schedule an audition.
  4. If you are interested in a basic ensemble scholarship and you live more than a three hour drive from campus, you may audition by video-recording, by Skype/Facetime, or, even, by phone.*

Contacting the Department of Music Offices

Department of Music Secretary and Recruiting Coordinator:  Beverly Davis
Chair, Department of Music: Dr. Porter Stokes
Office Phone Number: Davis – 864.833.8470
Office Location: Belk Auditorium, Loggia (Porch), Music Offices
Email: 1 – or 2 –
US Postal Service Address: Department of Music, 503 South Broad Street, Clinton, SC 29325

If for any reason you intend to audition by video-recording or Skype at a time other than those published by the Department of Music, you must contact and arrange such through Ms. Beverly Davis.