How Your Life GPA is Calculated:

To determine your Life GPA, you’ll need to know the number of total credit hours attempted and the number of quality points awarded for the final grade earned at the institution enrolled for that course. You can find PC’s Quality Points Designation for Final Grades in the Academic Catalog.

Total Quality Points = Credit Hours times Quality Points Awarded
Course Description Final Grade Quality Points Awarded Credit Hours Attempted Total Quality Points Earned
Western Civ

Once you determine your Total Quality Points Earned, you can then calculate your Life GPA.

Life GPA = Total Quality Points Earned divided by Total Credit Hours Attempted
Total Quality Points Earned (from example above) Total Credit Hours Attempted Life GPA

Your Life GPA will be determined each semester by adding the total credit hours attempted and total quality points earned from new coursework to the existing Life GPA credit hours and quality points displayed in the Financial Aid area of BannerWeb. Remedial courses will NOT be included in the Life GPA calculations. The Life GPA is truncated, not rounded. A 2.956 will NOT round to a 3.0.This information is provided to assist in computing your Life GPA. The content is very basic and may not take into consideration all circumstances. The actual Life GPA computed when coursework is entered into the student records database will be the Life GPA used to qualify for this scholarship.