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An $80,000 Scholarship over 4 years for all students who are Presbyterian.*

The Presbyterian Promise Scholarship is a commitment by Presbyterian College (PC) to recognize students for their merit and affiliation with the Presbyterian Church. PC seeks to develop students academically and spiritually in this signature scholarship. Students who are of members of Presbyterian churches, or who attend Presbyterian/Reformed secondary schools, will receive a scholarship for a minimum of $20,000 per year for up to four years—that’s an $80,000 commitment to you.

The Presbyterian Tradition

Rooted in the Presbyterian tradition, PC believes that every individual has a vocation. The Presbyterian Promise Scholarship reflects the college’s commitment to helping students discern and vigorously pursue their calling.

Presbyterian students can explore the connections between faith and learning through our rich liberal arts curriculum and academic programs. For those who want to further hone their skills for ministry in ways that address the world’s deep needs, you can even major in “Leadership, Service, and Ministry.

To qualify for the Presbyterian Promise scholarship, a student should indicate on their application that they are a member of a Presbyterian Church or that they attend a Presbyterian secondary school. A follow-up form to be signed by church or school officials will be sent to the students. This form should be returned when making the deposit to attend PC.

*The Presbyterian Promise Scholarship is offered to new incoming undergraduate students and may not be combined with other merit scholarships. The total financial aid award, including federal, state, and private scholarships, may not exceed direct costs. Any merit scholarship offered more than $20,000 per year meets the minimum Presbyterian Promise scholarship commitment.

What are they saying?

“The unique story of PC began in the Presbyterian Church. That story has continued to thrive through faithful students and strong partnerships into our present day. Now, we look to the future, crafting the next chapter, with this ambitious and exciting Presbyterian Promise scholarship as a cornerstone of our commitment to be America’s Presbyterian College.”

Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon, Lassiter Chaplain & Dean Of Spiritual Life