Two Types of Awards

There are two basic types of awards: those that require institutional endorsement and those that do not. Awards requiring institutional endorsement usually have earlier deadlines, and they are reviewed first by a PC faculty advisor and sometimes by a committee. Applications selected for endorsement are then sent to the national competition. Awards that do not need institutional endorsement are completed by the student and submitted directly without institutional review.

The Application Process

The application process is a serious undertaking. Completing an application gives you a chance to survey your achievements and clarify your goals. It also requires planning ahead and sincere effort. Application essays, for instance, require multiple revisions. If possible, start the application process during your Freshman or Sophomore year. Juniors and Seniors can start applying, too, if you are committed to the process.

A PC faculty member will advise you throughout the application process. We will do our best to help you prepare a strong application that communicates your unique qualifications.

PC Faculty Advisors

Do you want to learn more about a scholarship or fellowship? Contact Dr. Julie Meadows or the faculty advisor for the award.

Rhodes: Dr. Julia Meadows

Marshall: Dr. Philip Perdue

Mitchell: Dr. Latha Gearheart

Fulbright: Dr. Stefan Wiecki & Dr. Julie Meadows

Harry S. Truman: Dr. Ben Bailey

Jason Madison: (TBA)

Rotary: (TBA)

Udall Foundation: Dr. Tobin Turner

Barry Goldwater: Dr. Ron Zimmerman

Soros: Dr. Julie Meadows

Ford: (TBA)

Rhodes Scholarship

Open to seniors and recent graduates with distinction of intellect and character with promise for service to the world.

Used for two years of study at Oxford University in a program of applicant’s choice. Application posted in July.

Application deadline is 1st Wednesday of October.

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Marshall Scholarships

Open to seniors and recent graduates under age 26 with 3.7 GPA or higher.

Used for two years of study at chosen university in the UK. Application posted in July.

The application deadline is September 20, 2022.

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The George J. Mitchell Scholarship

Open to seniors and recent graduates up to age 30, selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and commitment to community and public service. Fields include sciences, health, and humanities.

Used for tuition, accommodations, living expenses, and international travel for one-year Masters programs in Ireland.

Application deadline is September 30.

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Open to seniors and recent graduates; some programs require language facility.

Used for one-year grants in research, teaching, study of writing or creative and performing arts, and English teaching assistantships. Application posted in April.

Application deadline is October 12.

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The Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Open to juniors in any major with interest in government or public sector career; looks for outstanding leadership potential.

Used for senior year of college and for graduate studies; leadership development programs and opportunities for internships and employment with the federal government. Application posted August 1.

Application deadline is February 1.

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James Madison Foundation

Open to seniors or graduates who intend to teach secondary-level history, government, or civics; designed to strengthen teaching about the US Constitution.

Used for two years of Constitution-related graduate study; must teach one year for each year of fellowship support. Application posted late April.

Application deadline is October 1.

Frederick Douglas – James Madison fellowship seeks same goals as the Madison fellowship but for qualifying students of color.

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Rotary Foundation

Open to sophomores or above, depending on type of scholarship; aims to promote international understanding; seeks ambassadors, not necessarily academic superstars.

Used for study abroad. Application posted in November / December.

Application deadline is March 1 – August 15.

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Udall Foudation

Open to sophomores and juniors committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American healthcare.

Used for scholarships up to $7500. Application posted September 21.

Application deadline is March 3.

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Barry Goldwater

Open to sophomores and juniors with demonstrated potential for careers in research in mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering.

Used for $7500 toward undergraduate tuition and fees. Application posted 1st Tuesday in September.

Application deadline varies; nominations due by last Friday in January.

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Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowships For New Americans

Open to seniors and graduates up to age 30 who plan to begin full-time graduate programs in the following year. For immigrants and the children of immigrants.

Used for two years of graduate funding in any area. Application posted in April.

Application deadline is October 28.

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The Ford Family Foundation

Open to seniors and graduates in many academic areas including sciences; aims to increase minorities in academia and diversity-related teaching.

Used for pre-doctoral and dissertation fellowships for students planning careers in college teaching and/or research.

Application deadline is December 16.

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