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Dr. Jacobs’ Desk

June 2015
Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time to take a look at Dr. Jacobs’ desk to discover whether he kept it neat or messy during his lifetime. We can say, however, that it contained numerous pieces of his life in the form of small booklets of notes and lists, travel collectibles, business cards and stationery, and keepsakes not unlike those most of us have in and around our desks. – Read More –

Commencement 1883

May 2015
As another school year ends, we look back to the first Commencement ceremony held in 1883. The first three graduates of Clinton College were three young ladies, Miss Rebecca S. Boozer, Miss Jessie Lee Copeland, and Miss Florence Lee Jacobs. Miss Jacobs was the first child and only daughter of William Plumer Jacobs, founder of Thornwell Orphanage and Presbyterian College.– Read More –

Change is progress, progress is good!

April 2015
While researching an unrelated question recently, we found an interesting editorial written by Dr. William Plumer Jacobs, the founder of Thornwell Orphanage and Presbyterian College. The editorial was published sometime in 1910 in Our Monthly, later to be reprinted where it was discovered in the book, William Plumer Jacobs: Literary and Biographical, edited by Dr. Jacobs’ son, Thornwell in 1942. All of us have been witness to beneficial changes in our lifetimes. We thought you would enjoy considering the changes that were occurring in Laurens County, South Carolina 105 years ago. – Read More –

Women’s History at PC

March 2015
March is Women’s History Month and I’d like to point you to a blog written in June, 2008 by Nancy Griffith: The Legacy of Women at Presbyterian College. This was the second post in the Blue Notes blog here at PC almost seven years ago. We are sure it will bring a smile to your face! – Read More –

PC Inaugurations

April 2013
This month Presbyterian College celebrates the inauguration of our seventeenth president, Dr. Claude C. Lilly. A variety of activities will take place across the campus during the week of April 15th, culminating in the Inauguration on Friday the 19th in Belk Auditorium. In conjunction with this event, the Archives & Special Collections is providing a short biography for each of the previous sixteen PC Presidents. This information is in the bar below the Blue Notes heading above. – Read More –

Dr. Anne Austin Young ’11

November 2011
Anne Austin Young is one of the most honored female doctors in South Carolina. She was the first female obstetrician/gynecologist in the state. Indeed, she was one of the few women doctors of her time. Anne serves as an inspiration to all women desiring to become doctors because of her determination and her independence. – Read More –

Campus Housing at Presbyterian College, Part 1

August 2011
For many years the norm for campus housing at most colleges was one smallish room with at least one roommate and a bathroom down the hall shared with dozens of others. Students today, at Presbyterian College and on most other college campuses, have housing options that would have amazed the students of just a few decades ago, such as the single rooms of Senior Hall or the apartments of the Townhouses. So much has changed in a relatively short time that we thought that an overview of campus housing through the years might be interesting. – Read More –

Booe Hooe

June 2011
Since we seem to be in baseball mode these days, we thought we’d tell some interesting tales about Everett Booe, who was brought to PC in 1913 as the first real athletic coach and the first head of the physical education program. – Read More –