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Meet William Plumer Jacobs

Most Presbyterian College students have heard the story about a Presbyterian minister named William Plumer Jacobs who founded an orphanage and a college in what was once a rough post-Civil War railroad town. They may even have learned that his efforts to do so were derided by some townsfolk and labeled “Jacobs’ Folly” before he succeeded in founding both their alma mater in 1880 and Thornwell Orphanage (now Thornwell Home and School for Children) in 1875. (“Founder’s Library”). – Read more –

Class Rings at PC

June 2016
On Sunday, April 17, Presbyterian College held its Fourth Annual Class Ring Ceremony in Edmunds Hall. This was a special time for students approaching graduation, when they celebrated their time at PC and affirmed that their ties to the college would continue beyond commencement. As the college’s news release about the class ring ceremony states, “the PC ring signifies not only the accomplishment of graduating from PC and becoming part of our alumni association, but also represents everything the College stands for and all of the experiences of being a student here that we all have shared . . . [I]t signifies honor and service that PC students experience, embrace, and live out long after they leave this place” (“Class Ring Ceremony – Alumni”). – Read more –

A Love Letter to Neville Hall

February 2016
In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, when friends, family members, and romantic partners find ways to express their love for one another. But it’s also possible to love a place, and even to feel that in some way the place returns that love! For many of us, Presbyterian College is that kind of place, and perhaps the building that most truly represents PC is Neville Hall. In honor of the Month of Love, here is a love letter to Neville Hall. – Read more –

Archives Update

January 2016
Hello from the Presbyterian College Archives. It’s been a while since Blue Notes has been updated (sorry about that!), and there’s been quite a lot going on. Here’s a brief summary of what’s been happening in the last six months. – Read More –

Farewell to the Inmans

July 2015
Presbyterian College’s 2015-16 academic year will be the first since 1980 without at least one member of the Inman family as part of the college’s faculty or staff. John Inman, a professor of biology since 1980, and Teresa Inman, a library staff member since 1981, both retired at the end of June. The two of them have made invaluable contributions to our campus, and here in archives we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about what they mean to the college. – Read More –

Dr. Jacobs’ Desk

June 2015
Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time to take a look at Dr. Jacobs’ desk to discover whether he kept it neat or messy during his lifetime. We can say, however, that it contained numerous pieces of his life in the form of small booklets of notes and lists, travel collectibles, business cards and stationery, and keepsakes not unlike those most of us have in and around our desks. – Read More –

Commencement 1883

May 2015
As another school year ends, we look back to the first Commencement ceremony held in 1883. The first three graduates of Clinton College were three young ladies, Miss Rebecca S. Boozer, Miss Jessie Lee Copeland, and Miss Florence Lee Jacobs. Miss Jacobs was the first child and only daughter of William Plumer Jacobs, founder of Thornwell Orphanage and Presbyterian College.– Read More –

Change is progress, progress is good!

April 2015
While researching an unrelated question recently, we found an interesting editorial written by Dr. William Plumer Jacobs, the founder of Thornwell Orphanage and Presbyterian College. The editorial was published sometime in 1910 in Our Monthly, later to be reprinted where it was discovered in the book, William Plumer Jacobs: Literary and Biographical, edited by Dr. Jacobs’ son, Thornwell in 1942. All of us have been witness to beneficial changes in our lifetimes. We thought you would enjoy considering the changes that were occurring in Laurens County, South Carolina 105 years ago. – Read More –

Women’s History at PC

March 2015
March is Women’s History Month and I’d like to point you to a blog written in June, 2008 by Nancy Griffith: The Legacy of Women at Presbyterian College. This was the second post in the Blue Notes blog here at PC almost seven years ago. We are sure it will bring a smile to your face! – Read More –

Blue Notes: January 2015

January 2015
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Archives monthly column, Blue Notes, became infected by a virus last summer. Bear with us as we rebuild the Blue Notes column brought to you by the Presbyterian College Archives!
Take a look below at the latest column written by Abbie Bagwell ’15, who completed an internship with us this past fall.