New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation provides meaningful programs and opportunities to support the transition and engagement of new students and their families to the academic, cultural, and social environment of Presbyterian College. All new students should participate in one of our New Student Orientation sessions to connect with students, faculty, and staff prior to beginning classes in the Fall.

HOSE Week: Helping Orient Students Effectively

This acronym represents a series of events and programs that are designed to assist new students in their transition to life at PC. Each letter represents an important part of the Orientation experience:

  • H: Housing – This includes helping students move into their new home, introducing them to their Resident Assistant, meeting people on their floor and understanding about what it means to live together as a community. 
  • O: Orientation – Orientation events are designed to introduce students to each other, the campus, and the larger community around PC. While living out our motto, “While We Live, We Serve” we will spend some time together in service to others. We’ll also spend some time getting to know where everything is on campus and adventuring to off-campus social events too! 
  • S: Student Involvement – Throughout the week, students can learn about the different clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities available on campus. It’s a great opportunity for new students to meet new people and find activities that interest them. 
  • E: Education and Academic Support – Finally, we’ll spend some time reviewing information on resources such as tutoring, study groups, advising and the expectations of being a student at PC. It’s important for new students to know where to go for help if they need it.

By participating in HOSE week events, new students will meet new friends, learn about the resources and opportunities available to them on campus, and start to feel more comfortable in their new environment.

HOSE Week (New Student Orientation) will take place from Wednesday, August 16th - Friday, August 19th!

New Students will move in on Wednesday, August 16th between 9am - 2pm. More information to come!

If you need assistance with New Student Orientation, please contact Student Involvement at or 864-833-8554.