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Judd Dining Hall

Judd Dining Hall
Judd Dining Hall

Judd Refectory, named for Mrs. E.A. Judd of Spartanburg, was built in 1907. The brick dining hall, which was one of the first buildings on campus to have electricity, could seat 150 students at mealtime.  It included a matron’s apartment on the second floor.

In 1923 Judd was enlarged to provide almost double the seating capacity of the original dining area. In 1964 it was again remodeled to provide physical education space for women students. Unfortunately, in December of 1973, PC lost Judd Refectory in a fire.

Judd Hall, 1970s
Judd Hall, the 1970s

At the time of the fire, the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity meeting space was connected to Judd, as well as a maintenance storage area, which was also lost.

In 1975, James H. Thomason donated $25,000 to build a center plaza and a fountain on the site behind Neville Hall where the refectory once stood. In  2003, the plaza was dedicated to the memory of G. Edward Campbell, PC class of 1950 and longtime college administrator, by the Board of Trustees.

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