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Ephriam Clark Murray, 1894-1897

Ephriam Clark Murray February 5, 1862 - May 18, 1930
Ephriam Clark Murray
February 5, 1862 – May 18, 1930

Ephriam Clark Murray was a native of Edisto Island and attended Union College in New York. Rev. Murray was a well-known minister in South Carolina when the trustees brought him in as president, replacing President Cleland in 1894.

In 1894, Rev. Murray hoped to bring the college under the control of the Synod of South Carolina. “Much had been accomplished in the fifteen years since the college’s founding, but increased patronage and support were now vitally needed.”   The relationship with the Synod had advanced somewhat, but the Synod was not ready to establish an official tie to the college. Rev. Murray stepped down from the presidency the next year (Hammet, Spirit of PC, 15).

Prior to his arrival at Presbyterian College, while pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Summerville, E. C. Murray authored The Pastor’s Bible: An analysis of those portions of Holy Scripture pertaining to the various duties of the pastor. A copy of this book is available for use in the Founder’s Library in the PC Archives.

After he left the college in 1897, he served numerous churches in North Carolina and retired from the ministry in 1927. He died in 1930 in Saint Pauls, Robeson County, North Carolina.