Guardians of PC

The Guardians of PC is a giving society honoring those who make Presbyterian College a part of their long-term philanthropic plans. These donors name Presbyterian College as the beneficiary of a planned gift such as a bequest, trust, gift annuity, or other various vehicles for gifting.

The Guardians of PC live out the college motto, Dum Vivimus Servimus, While We Live, We Serve, in a very real and lasting way. Your generosity as a Guardian is recognized in various ways and at events throughout the year. We encourage you to ensure a bright future for the students at PC while providing for your family, your church, and others who are important to you. Become a Guardian today!

Planned Giving is transformational.

Lonnie Sexton McMilliam, Jr. ’50 made a planned gift through his will in 2005 to establish the Lonnie S. McMilliam Scholarship Fund supporting students with financial need.  His gift has touched the lives of more than 20 students, including Sarah Loftis ’23 who majored in political science and was a member of SGA, Political Science Club, South Carolina Student Legislature, Spectrum, Stirling, NAACP, and Chamber Orchestra.

Headshot of Sarah Loftis

“This scholarship has had a significant impact on my academic career and future by providing financial support, reducing the burden of student debt, and increasing access to educational resources and opportunities. I am able to graduate from PC in just three years with minimal student loans!”

Sarah Loftis

Butch Woodward ’60 gifted a life insurance policy to PC during his lifetime. Upon his death, the college renovated Smith Administration Building in his honor, creating a welcoming environment for our students and all who visit the College. The lobby honors the commitment of Butch and Brenda Woodward.

The Woodwards’ son, Russell Woodward, said it is sad that his father did not see the renovations, but heartening to know that PC found a fitting way to remember him.

“I think it’s good to have a permanent reminder, not for us, but for everyone to know he was dedicated to Presbyterian College for his entire life,” he said. “It brought my parents together and set our family on a trajectory we’ve all benefited from. So, I think he’d be happy and he’d be proud. I know we are.”

Russell Woodward
President vandenBerg with the Woodward family during the opening of the Butch and Brenda Woodward lobby
(Left to right) PC president Dr. Matthew vandenBerg, Brenda Woodward, Rob Woodward, and Russell Woodward.

Brenda Woodward agreed. She said her late husband would be thrilled knowing he influenced first impressions of his beloved PC.

“He would probably say this is the best award he’s ever gotten,” she said. “That would mean more to him than anything.”

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Ways to Make an Impact

You can make a gift in the future by taking steps today.  Some of the opportunities to explore:


The bequest is a gift through your will or revocable trust that enables you to retain the asset during your life and provide significant support when you no longer require the asset. You may choose a specific item, a percentage, or a residual bequest. You may also choose to make PC a contingent beneficiary in case the heirs are unable to receive the estate.

Charitable Gift Annuity

The gift annuity is an irrevocable gift of cash or securities where you receive a predictable fixed income for life. At termination, PC receives the residual value of the annuity. There are also potential tax benefits depending upon your particular situation.

Charitable IRA Rollover

A giving opportunity for those over 70½: In 2011, Federal legislation allows you to make tax-free distributions from your IRA directly to PC. This distribution is not included in your adjusted gross income, so there is no payment of additional tax on a qualified distribution.

Charitable Lead Trust

The lead trust’s income payments are distributed to PC for a set period of years, after which the assets are transferred back to the grantor or whomever the grantor has named the beneficiary. This provides generous annual support for the college now, removes the asset from the estate, and passes an asset to heirs with little or no tax. There is no immediate deduction for the lead trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust

The remainder trust is an irrevocable gift of assets into a charitable trust that provides you a fixed (Annuity Trust) or variable (Unitrust) income for life or for a set term. At the trust’s termination, the trust assets become a generous gift to Presbyterian College. There are also potential tax benefits dependent upon your situation.

Life Insurance

Make a gift or buy a policy making Presbyterian College the owner and beneficiary. You can purchase a policy for the college, make PC the beneficiary of an existing policy, or gift an old policy that no longer serves its original intended purpose.

Real Estate

Real estate may be deeded outright to or left by bequest. The irrevocable gift of property may provide an immediate tax deduction and avoid capital gains. Due to complexities, be prepared to work with qualified advisors to ensure that this is a suitable gift for both you and for PC

Retirement Plan Assets

In some cases, retirement assets can be the heaviest assets taxed in an estate. Naming PC as beneficiary can avoid that taxation, enabling the asset to pass tax-free to the college. You may also make PC a percentage beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary of a retirement plan.

Take the Next Step

We are happy to discuss any option that interests you. We can also prepare a personalized illustration of a particular gift opportunity so you and your advisors can see how the gift would work for you.

Reach out by email and a member of our Advancement Staff will be in contact with you to learn more about your interests and what you’d like to make possible for the students at PC!