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A Sampling of Presbyterian Attitudes Toward Slavery in the 1850s

June 2013
Since Thomas Paine anonymously published Common Sense in 1776, pamphlets have provided Americans from all walks of life with a means to share their thoughts and opinions on all sorts of issues, such as slavery, suffrage, education, and religion. In the 19th century, as printing costs went down and the US population grew, the use of pamphlets as a means of communicating ideas skyrocketed. Often these pamphlets began as sermons or speeches which, at the urging of supporters, the authors subsequently published. In fact, historical pamphlets could be compared to the blogs of today, in that many of them were published by and represented the views of individuals. – Read More –

Growing a campus

May 2013
One of our goals here in the Archives is to strengthen the collective memory of the Presbyterian College community by expanding our online presence using images as well as factual information. This semester we are fortunate to have Allston LaBruce ’13, a History major who is wrapping up his senior year with an Internship in the Archives, to assist with this work. – Read More –

PC Inaugurations

April 2013
This month Presbyterian College celebrates the inauguration of our seventeenth president, Dr. Claude C. Lilly. A variety of activities will take place across the campus during the week of April 15th, culminating in the Inauguration on Friday the 19th in Belk Auditorium. In conjunction with this event, the Archives & Special Collections is providing a short biography for each of the previous sixteen PC Presidents. This information is in the bar below the Blue Notes heading above. – Read More –

Lennart Pearson

January 2013
Lennart Pearson, Emeritus Librarian and Professor of Religion at Presbyterian College, passed away in late September of 2012. Dr. Pearson had an inquiring mind. He was a well educated man who sought knowledge and understanding in a variety of fields. – Read More –

Synod Youth Conferences of the 1930s-40s

November 2012
The summer months on our campus are not as quiet as one might imagine. These days we host Girl’s State, SC Business Week, the Montreat Junior High Conference, band camps, sports camps of all varieties, and four weeks of our own CHAMPS program. All this activity keeps the college staff busy until the return of our students in August; however, summer programs are not new to our campus. Last month a question about an old photograph found among the papers of a Summerville woman brought the Young People’s Conferences of the 1930s and 1940s to our attention. – Read More –