An occupational therapist helps a patient cut an apple.

Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program

The Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree from PC helps you help others regain skills they need in their daily lives.
The OTD degree prepares you for work in any OT practice once you graduate and obtain state licensure.

Earn Your Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree

PC’s OTD degree is a post-baccalaureate, entry-level professional doctoral degree. To be considered for the program, you must possess a bachelor’s degree, meet the admission requirements, and apply to the program using the Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service (OTCAS).

While in the program, you receive educational instruction inside the classroom that integrates the occupational therapy profession’s:

  • foundational knowledge requirements
  • its basic theoretical tenets and perspectives
  • and a strong didactic and clinical education focus

The patients you’ll serve have a variety of needs. Our program prepares you to meet those needs over nine consecutive semesters. The PC Occupational Therapy Doctorate will take three years to complete. You must earn 117 credit hours to be eligible to earn your Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree.

Deliver Compassionate OT Practice

PC’s motto is Dum Vivimus Servimus, which is Latin for “While We Live, We Serve.” As a PC Occupational Therapy Doctorate student, you’ll live the motto by learning skills inside and outside the classroom that will help you serve your community.

The program includes two 12-week fieldwork experiences and one 14-week doctoral experience. You must successfully complete a practical exam at the end of the second year before beginning the Level II fieldwork practice.

You must also pass a written Department Exit Exam before matriculating to the final 14-week doctoral experience. To earn your Doctoral of Occupational Therapy degree from PC, you must successfully complete the terminal clinical practicum sequence. And you must provide evidence that you’re meeting the competencies for entry-level occupational therapy practice.