Office of the Provost

Dr. Kerry E. Pannell
Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
ext. 8233

Dr. Alicia Askew
Dean of Academic Programs
ext. 8215

Ms. Shannon Lattimore
Senior Administrative Assistant
ext. 8297

Academic Success Office

Dr. Amy A. Davis
Director of Academic Success and Retention
ext. 8321

Ms. Stephanie Keene
Associate Director of Academic Success and Presby First+ Coordinator
ext. 8145

Ms. Destiny Chandler
Coordinator of Academic Success
ext. 8322

Institutional Research
Office of the Registrar

Mrs. Vicky W. Wilson
ext. 8219

Mrs. Ellen Armstrong
Assistant Registrar
ext. 8220

Mrs. April Storey
Administrative Assistant
ext. 8224

Thomason Library
Marshall Brown International Programs

Mr. Viet X. Ha
Director of International Programs

Cultural Events

Mrs. Ann Stoddard
Coordinator, Elizabeth Harper Stone Gallery
ext. 7082

Administrative Assistants to the Faculty

Mrs. Lisa Thompson
Administrative Assistant, Richardson Science Hall and Jacobs Hall
(Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Business Administration, Physics/Computer Science Departments)
ext. 8410/8355

Ms. Nancy Tumblin
Administrative Assistant, Education/Music
ext. 8997/8470