Dr. Donald R. Raber II
[email protected]
ext. 8233

Dr. Alicia Askew
Dean of Academic Programs
[email protected]
ext. 8215

Ms. Shannon Lattimore
Senior Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 8297

Mrs. Katherine L. Reid
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 8234

Academic Success Office

Dr. Amy A. Davis
Director of Academic Success and Retention
[email protected]
ext. 8321

Ms. Stephanie Keene
Associate Director of Academic Success and Presby First+ Coordinator
[email protected]
ext. 8145

Ms. Destiny Chandler
Coordinator of Academic Success
[email protected]
ext. 8322

Institutional Research

Dr. Norman B. Bryan, Jr.
Director of Institutional Research
[email protected]
ext. 8757

Office of the Registrar

Mrs. Vicky W. Wilson
[email protected]
ext. 8219

Ms. Ellen Armstrong
Assistant Registrar
[email protected]
ext. 8220

Mrs. April Storey
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
ext. 8224

Thomason Library
Marshall Brown International Programs

Mr. Viet X. Ha
Director of International Programs
[email protected]

Ms. Adriana Smith
Assistant Director
[email protected]

Cultural Events

Mrs. Ann Stoddard
Coordinator, Elizabeth Harper Stone Gallery
[email protected]
ext. 7082

Administrative Assistants to the Faculty

Ms. Cynthia Stoddard
Administrative Assistant, Harrington-Peachtree Center & Neville Hall
(Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, History, Modern Foreign Language & Religion/Philosophy Departments)
[email protected]
ext. 8191/8463

Mrs. Lisa Thompson
Administrative Assistant, Richardson Science Hall and Jacobs Hall
(Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Business Administration, Physics/Computer Science Departments)
[email protected]
ext. 8410/8355

Ms. Nancy Tumblin
Administrative Assistant, Education/Music
[email protected]
ext. 8997/8470