Signature Events Presbyterian College

Signature Events

Leaders in business, education, and politics visit campus to speak about issues facing the world today. You’re welcome to learn from the distinguished leaders who speak on campus.


Annual BB&T Lecture

The annual Annual BB&T Lecture is part of the Department of Economics and Business Administration’s program for the study of capitalism. Sponsored by the BB&T Foundation, the series exposes PC students and members of the public to ideas on free-market economics. Speakers have included Wall Street Journal reporters, think-tank supporters, and other academicians.

Robert M. Vance Lecture Series on Business Ethics

High-profile leaders in the business world speak about how to run a successful business that maintains a moral code in which employees can take pride and use as a guide for day-to-day activities. The late Robert M. Vance considered ethics, honesty and integrity to be extremely important. He lived these qualities as a business leader in Clinton, S.C. Funded by the Bailey Foundation, this program is a tribute to the late businessman’s legacy and his numerous contributions to the Clinton community. The speakers, CEOs and other top managers address business ethics as the overall theme.

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Society for the Advancement of Management Speaker Series

Professionals from the business world visit campus in the fall and spring to talk to students and the community about what it’s like to work in their industries. This series includes speakers from local, state and regional business communities. Speakers have included realtors, media executives, financial advisers, restaurant owners, as well as professionals from business, insurance, sales, marketing, law and more.

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Charles Chadwell Special Education Institute

The Charles H. Chadwell Endowment for Special Education was established at PC in 1984 by Francis E. Cothran and his wife, Jean Syminton Cothran. Part of the endowment provides seminars, lectures, and workshops led by recognized authorities in fields related to special education. These events promote a better understanding of the circumstances faced by individuals with disabilities and their families. The events are intended for teachers and require registration.

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Political Science

Samuel Calvin Waters Lecture Series in Political Science

In this annual series, notable political scholars and practitioners help to enrich the academic experience for PC students as well as engage members of the local community. Samuel C. Waters, a graduate of PC and the University of South Carolina’s School of Law, established the series to highlight the value and relevance of the study of politics and contemporary issues.