A goal of the History Department is to encourage the development of active and ethical global citizens by promoting the pursuit of further education, fulfilling careers, and service to others. As part of that effort, the department offers study-abroad experiences, internships, and research opportunities, some of which are described under the tabs below.

Study Abroad

The History Department is very active in encouraging students to study abroad at some point while at PC. The department regularly offers faculty-led study abroad opportunities in the forms of Maymesters and its Encounters Afar program. Maymesters typically are two to three-week trips taken after the completion of final exams in the spring. The Encounters Afar program involves travel to a particular city of focus during spring break. In the weeks prior to the trip, students meet in class to gain background knowledge of the destination’s historical significance, with class lectures culminating in the trip itself.

The college also offers programs through which students can study abroad for an entire semester in destinations the world over.  History majors are among the most frequent participants in these programs and have studied in an array of countries such as Turkey, Nepal, China, Ireland, Egypt, and Spain.

If you would like more information about studying abroad in one of the department’s programs or the semester-long programs, please contact a history professor or visit PC’s Office of International Programs.

A student’s perspective on the Central Europe Maymester 2023

Fiji Maymester Trip Full of “Wonder and Awe” 2022

Students Experience Spain during Maymester 2019

Student Research and Internships

Students in the History Department have numerous opportunities to investigate further a topic of interest through independent research and internships. Over the years, history students at PC have pursued these opportunities, some of which have resulted in jobs, publications, and awards.

Honors Research

If a student meets the college’s stated requirements, he or she may pursue the honors research track. To fulfill the History Honors Track, the student must meet the college’s Honors Program eligibility requirements, take an additional 3 credit hours (HIST 4003), and complete a student-driven research project in which the student works closely with a faculty member to produce a major, high-quality paper on a topic of the student’s choice. As part of the project, the student gives a formal presentation of his or her research to the college community at the Honors Day Symposium.

Summer Fellows Program/Independent Research

During the summer, the college hosts the PC Summer Fellows Program in which students and faculty work together on a project over the summer months and the student receives a stipend for participating. Students are also offered the opportunity to engage in independent research in the regular academic year on a topic of his or her choice. This is similar to the honors research project except that the student is not limited by the college’s and department’s honors requirements.

Students who are interested in History Honors, Summer Fellows, or Independent Research should contact a member of the History Department and visit the Summer Fellows web page.

Summer Fellow, Patrick Buchanan, researches ideas about racial democracy in Brazil, Summer 2023.