Why should I give? 
Just as those who have come before have given their money to ensure each student at PC has the opportunity to walk through the columns at Neville, sit in a classroom with professors eager to educate those standing before them and enjoy a beautiful day sitting on Alumni Green, we hope you feel the responsibility to ensure those same experiences for the future students that will come after you. In addition, all donors will be invited to exclusive events and certain level donors will receive a brick with the inscription of their choice, which will be laid alongside the bricks of past senior donors by Alumni Green.

Where does my gift go?
There are two options for where your gift can go. The first option is the PC Fund, the overall fund from which every operation of the College runs. The second option is the Scotsman Club, a fund tailored to ensure our athletes are given the best opportunities to succeed on and off the playing field.

Why does my gift matter? 
Every gift to PC matters because every dollar donated helps every student’s time here at Presbyterian College be filled with a top-notch education, highly competitive athletics and an irreplicable social experience here.

How much should I give?
We encourage every student to give back according to what feels appropriate in the individual senior’s eyes. Though there is not a specific amount, in order to receive a brick a donation of $75 must be given.

What are the giving records?
The current class record is being held by the Class of 2018 in the amount of $10,000!

Isn’t my tuition enough?
While tuition plays a vital role in providing each student with a top-notch education, tuition alone does not cover a majority of the needs provided by the College. Donors provide the necessary resources to allow the College to operate effectively.

What about after we graduate?
Once you graduate, there are many ways to give back to the college. For more information, click here.