Dr. Emily Taylor Included in NerdScholar’s 40 Under 40 List

Dr. Emily Taylor Included in NerdScholar’s 40 Under 40 List

Dr. Taylor

Dr. Emily Taylor, professor of English and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Presbyterian College, was recently named one of NerdScholar’s 40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire. The professors on this list were each nominated by their students, alumni, or faculty colleagues and chosen among the other nominees as those professors who demonstrate “the difference between good and great.”

Taylor has been a professor at PC since 2012, and she teaches numerous courses on campus, including Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, Postcolonial Literature and Film, Women’s World Literature, World Literature, and Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism. When asked why she loves her job, Taylor mentioned how teaching allows her to pass on her passions to the next generation. “I’m passionate about what I teach because I believe reading and writing matter, both to be better humans and to have a livelihood. Most of our knowledge comes through text of some kind, so I try to help students improve their writing while understanding the meaning created by the writing of others,” said Taylor.

Within the classroom, Taylor strives to foster an environment that allows for discussion and debate, labeling her teaching style as “student-centered.” Indeed, her commitment to her students is evident to everyone who has the opportunity to take one of her classes. For instance, Katelyn Howe  referred to the way in which Taylor helps her facilitate a weekly discussion group on women’s health and sexuality as a prime example of Taylor’s enthusiasm for helping her students explore their own passions. Acey Palmer  alluded to the way in which “Dr. Taylor encourages everyone she teaches to fight for what they  believe in.” Noting the huge influence Taylor has had over  her life, Rebecca Rowell  said, “She challenges me to be a better student and person. To be honest, Dr. Taylor has helped change the entire trajectory of my future plans.”

“It’s no surprise to me that Dr. Taylor was one of the selected 40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire,” said Dr. Justin Brent, chair of the English department.  “She has quickly become one of our most popular professors, teaching courses that in the past have struggled to enroll students. On top of that, she maintains an active research agenda that informs her teaching and complements our mission. The English Department, students and the entire college community are lucky to have her.”

When asked to give some interesting facts about herself, Taylor offered the following words: “I’m getting married in May to the man who often hears my lectures for class first, Stephen Woloszyn.” It would seem that Taylor has multiple reasons to celebrate this spring!

According to NerdScholar, “The best professors do more than teach. They leave impressions on our lives that change the way we think, work, and view the world around us. These 40 professors are doing just that, inspiring the young adults of today to be the world leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.”

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