Campus, local communities to stay informed with "Meet the Local Candidates" forum

Campus, local communities to stay informed with “Meet the Local Candidates” forum

Those from the local and campus communities can prepare for Clinton’s March 5 municipal elections during the “Meet the Local Candidates” forum on Monday, Feb. 25. The event takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. in Edmunds Hall. The forum is free and open to the public.

Local government makes many decisions that affect our daily lives and communities,” said Dr. Erin McAdams, associate professor of political science. “And yet, research shows that many Americans find it much more challenging to learn about who and what candidates in local elections stand for — especially in comparison with national elections.

“This forum is an excellent opportunity for the candidates to present their positions to the Clinton and PC community so that we, as voters, can make more informed decisions.”

Local candidates will present their positions to the campus and broader Clinton community by answering questions from a moderator. Before the event, local community members created the questions and submitted them to McAdams and Dr. Ben Bailey, assistant professor of political science at PC. The questions will be asked anonymously at the event.

The local candidates appearing during the forum include:

Mayoral Race:
Ricky Martin Sr.
Bob McLean (incumbent)

City Council Ward 2:
Sherri Amick
Shirley Jenkins (incumbent)
Reginald Vance

City Council Ward 6:
Megan Walsh
Jimmy Young (incumbent)

Incumbent Gary Kuykendall is running unopposed in Ward 4, and Rosa Booker and Rilla Griffin are also running for the City Council seat in Ward 2. These candidates were invited to attend but indicated that they are not available to participate.

Randy Stevens, host of “Good Morning UpCountry” on WLBG, will serve as moderator for the event. The “Meet the Local Candidates” forum takes place on Feb. 25, while the municipal elections take place on Tuesday, March 5.   

Presbyterian College does not endorse any political candidate. The event is a public political forum designed to inform the community of each candidate’s platform.