Pharmacy Grads Ace Pharmacy Licensure Exam

Pharmacy Grads Ace Pharmacy Licensure Exam

2019 Pharmacy Graduates | School of Pharmacy | Presbyterian College | Clinton SCThe scores are in.

The 2019 PC School of Pharmacy graduates had a higher NAPLEX pass rate than the national average.

Sixty-six of 68 students, or 97.06%, passed the pharmacists’ licensure exam on their first attempt when they took it this past spring. This first-time pass rate is more than 6% higher than the national average of 90.59%.

Why the Graduates Aced the NAPLEX

Dr. Cliff Fuhrman, professor at the PC School of Pharmacy, credits the curriculum, the faculty and preceptors, and the students for the high pass rate.

“(Our curriculum) has extensive learning in various areas of therapeutics, calculations and drug names and usages,” Fuhrman said. “I believe the combination of the curriculum and our faculty and preceptors providing excellent teaching and application skills contributed to these results.”

The PC School of Pharmacy graduates’ average test score was higher than the score from graduates at other pharmacy schools across the nation too.

NAPLEX scores can range from 1 to 150. On average, PC students scored a 101.16. On average, students at other pharmacy schools across the country scored 96.80.

One PC School of Pharmacy graduate scored a 130 on the NAPLEX. The score places the graduate in the highest 99% and in the top 130 of 12,000 test takers.

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