Music for All

Music for All

Music is an integral part of student academic life at PC. Our student musicians have a variety of musical backgrounds and academic interests. Because we offer a Music major and a Music minor, students can choose the level of immersion in which they plan to participate.

Meet Noah Burkett, a junior biology and Spanish double major. We caught up with Noah to learn more about his passion for music. Check out what he had to say:

What part of the music department are you in, and what do you play?  

I play saxophone in the Wind Ensemble and Chamber Ensemble.

What is it like being in the music department?

Being a part of the department is a truly remarkable experience! I have become a much better musician while also making great friends and connections with the faculty.

Other than music, what other campus organizations are you involved in?

I’m the current President of SGA and Co-Director of Student Volunteer Services. I’m also in Stirlings, Pre-Pharmacy Club, and Green Hose.

How long have you been involved in music, or what has been your history with music? How long have you played your instrument, and what made you want to start?

I started playing piano in third grade, but I started playing saxophone in sixth grade. I was always interested in music, but I was finally able to start in third grade after asking to take piano lessons. From there, my interest grew, and the saxophone grabbed my attention.

How has music played a role in your life and why is it important to you?

Music has always seemed to be an important part of my life. My mom sang in the choir at church from a young age, and I always would help out by either flipping pages for the pianist or standing beside the other people in the choir to sing. As I got older, music became a stress reliever, allowing me to escape from the world by just focusing on music. Throughout middle and high school, music became an important hobby for me. I even gained leadership skills participating in the marching band over the years. Overall, music has become much more than a hobby or a stress reliever; it has taught me valuable leadership skills, given me the opportunity to meet and make friends, and created opportunities for which I’m ever grateful.

Why do you think the music department is essential to a college like PC or colleges in general?

The music department is an important aspect of the PC community because it allows students to keep playing their instruments without feeling obligated.

What has been your favorite memory while being involved in the PC music department so far and why?

My favorite memory is creating music with my peers during the music department’s annual Christmas at PC. I love being able to come together with all of the other ensembles on campus and put on a show for the PC community.


Noah plans to continue pursuing his love for music even after college. Studying music at PC allows for a more intimate environment of learning that fosters musical growth through community, access to close faculty mentoring, and the flexibility to fully explore musical and intellectual passions. Music is a vital part of collegiate life at Presbyterian College, and all students can apply for a music scholarship regardless of academic major or minor. To learn more about the Music Department, faculty, staff, ensembles, clinics, and events, visit


This article was written by Jared Smiling ’22.