Graduates “share the world’s burden” during time of inspiration

Graduates “share the world’s burden” during time of inspiration

A minister from Savannah came home to give moral guidance and inspiration on May 14 to the graduates of Presbyterian College. The class of 2021 was encouraged to be “glad to share a part of the world’s burden in our time” during its investiture.

The Reverend Dr. Delpherd L. “Del” Barksdale was the Baccalaureate Service speaker during the College’s Commencement Weekend in Clinton. His address, “Finding Your Kind,” was inspired by Micah 6:6-8.

“Walk humbly with your God”

“Walk humbly with your God,” Barksdale said during his address. “A walk is more than one’s gait. Walking is more than a verb indicating movement. One’s walk is the way one lives, because of who one is.

“That walk should be one that is unpretentious; that shows no hubris; that is not arrogant.”

Barksdale went on to speak with the graduates about meeting others who aren’t like them.

“Everyone you encounter may not be your kind,” he said. “Still, we should all strive to find and share our kind or kindness with everyone we can to make this world better.

“Dum vivimus servimus is our motto, and it is best served with a healthy dose of Micah 6:8.

“Congratulations Class of 2021! I’m pulling for you! I’m praying blessings and prosperity upon you, your families, our nation and our world. I’m also counting on you to do great things.”

About the Speaker

Barksdale graduated from high school and was a minister in neighboring Laurens. At PC, he played football and served as team captain, was a member of the track team and the club baseball team. Barksdale was a member of several organizations on campus, including the Multicultural Student Union and the Student Fellowship Choir.

Barksdale has served the college on alumni boards, in addition to his service as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

Readings during Baccalaureate

Conducted on a Friday evening on the PC West Plaza, Baccalaureate featured the hymn “One Faith, One Hope, One Lord,” presented by the Presbyterian College Choir. PC President Dr. Matt vandenBerg read the Prayer of the Day.

Scriptures presented were Psalm 98:1-9 and John 15:9-17. Scripture Readers were Kendall Elizabeth McGeorge and Dominiq Francisco Jones, both from the Class of 2021.

College Provost Dr. Donald Raber presented The Service of Investiture with the 2021 Graduating Class.

The Investiture includes, “Leader: We did not choose to be born and live in a day such as this, but thou didst choose to appoint our lives for these demanding years; deliver us from fear and melancholy, and make us glad to share a part of the world’s burden in our time. Graduates: Teach us to number our days, O Lord, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

The Reverend Racquel Gill, assistant chaplain for multicultural community programs, spoke Prayers for the People and the Benediction during this time of inspiration for the Class of 2021.​