Mission Statement

The mission of the Presby First+ Program is to provide opportunities and resources through focused curricular and co-curricular programming, and services that promote the holistic development and ensure the flourishing of first-generation students (undergraduates and graduates) at PC to enhance their agency, strengths, well-being, and sense of belonging via a supportive network.

Vision Statement

To be a comprehensive first-gen program that outrageously serves students, and assists them in unlocking their potential and utilizing strengths to achieve their success.

PRESBY First+ logo

First-Gen Definition

PC first-gen students are students for whom neither parent(s) or guardian(s) possess a four-year college degree.


  1. Foster an open and inclusive campus and program community that supports the holistic development of our first-gen students
  2. Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that strengthens their understanding of and ability to effectively teach, advise, advocate, and interact with first-gen students
  3. Work collaboratively with faculty, staff, students, and alumni to promote student success, retention, progression, and graduation
  4. Help students cultivate an attitude of agency, accountability, and assurance in their learning and educational journey
  5. Integrate a strengths-based approach throughout the program to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to thrive and flourish at PC
  6. Celebrate and highlight the successes of our first-gen student, faculty, and staff communities