The Accounts Payable office is located on the first floor of Smith Administration Building.

It is open daily, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Checks are run once each week on Thursday. If you need a check by a particular Thursday, please clearly note the date due and have the request delivered to Accounts Payable no later than noon on Monday of the week needed.

Accounts Payable, Ms. Ann Marie Alexander
extension 8210 (864-833-8210)

Controller, Mrs. Dawn Durham
extension 8477 (864-833-8477)

You must clearly write the department number and account number to be charged on the face of any invoice or check request. Also, for your convenience, you should write a brief description to be keyed by the A/P staff. That description will appear on your budget reports.

If you request a check for an individual, please be sure we have their taxpayer ID number. Form W9 is used for that purpose.

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